Your impressions are our job

We provide you with a good mood, create a comfortable stay and leave you pleasant memories.

English-speaking staff

You will be met by a staff who speaks English – no language barrier. We understand you at a glance and quickly find the best solutions.


On the ground floor of the apartment hotel is a small cozy Coffee Point. This is a mini-coffee shop with a coffee counter and staff. At the coffee point, you can order excellent coffee and a delicious croissant.


Fast transfer

You do not need to worry about moving around the city, we will arrange a quick and comfortable transfer from the airport to the apartment hotel and back.


Reliability and safety of your holiday

You will be living in a closed protected area. : · There are video surveillance cameras around the perimeter of the complex. · Security is available around the clock. · The area is well lit.

Bicycle rental

Convenient movement

We rent out bicycles for outdoor activities and relaxing trips around the city. Our area is ideal for this and is equipped with bike paths.


Ecologically clean area

The area is suitable for permanent residence, has positive environmental indicators: clean air, luxuriant vegetation, greenery alleys. According to the latest data (2020), the air in this area is 45% cleaner than in other parts of the city (via Air Visual).


Secure 24-hour parking

On-site parking is allowed in certain areas. We have allocated two parking lots for parking: · Surface - 10 parking lots. · Underground - 22 parking lots.


Fun for your kids

If you have children, there are playgrounds for them with safe slides and other entertainment. The playground is equipped with a gazebo where the adults can peacefully relax while watching their kids.

Pet`s friendly

We love pets

Come to us with your beloved pets. We are hospitable, love animals and get along well with them. Important! Please let us know about your pets before arrival.